Why choose Pulaski County?

Did you know?
- There are over 33,000 people who visit and work on the fort a day.
- The fort issues over 30,000 pay checks a month, money that could be spent at your business!
- The post estimated impact on the local economy is over 2 billions dollars annually.

Educated workforce:
- There are 19 occupational specialties and over 60 highly technical and functional courses on post.
- Over 100,000 troops graduated from basic training and technical schools in 2009.
- Graduations occur 3 days per week with 1,000 visitors per group, and the visitors require at least a 2 night stay.

- 25 lodging facilities with more in construction in a 5 mile radius, all enjoying a 80% + occupancy rate yearly.
- Over 1 billion dollars in new construction by 2015 (read more).
- University of Missouri has a new technology park with planned extensions on post.

Areas of interest:
- Army museum with 255,000 annual visitors.
- Forney field regional airport.
- Missouri veterans cemetery.

Still not convinced?
- Easy access to I-44 and route 66 goes right through town, with over 30,000 vehicles a day.
- Missouri has the 3rd lowest utility costs in the US, low estate taxes, and is extremely business friendly.
- Pulaski county has acres upon acres of commercial areas ready for your business (read more).
- The Waynesville school district is accredited with distinction and opened a new career center in 2009.
- Several 4 year colleges and technical schools.

During the recession the area had a 12% increase in sales tax, a record number of new building permits, has the Missouri Enhanced Enterprise Zone designation, and we have TIF/TDD/CID/NID incentives (read more).

We are excited to talk to you about joining us in our continued growth!